Brown Butter is one of those simple recipes everyone should know. You can use it in hundreds of recipes. Turn it into a nutty, salty, spicy vinaigrette, add it to your baked goods or baste your favourite proteins and veggies. One you start to brown your butter you wont want to stop!

Brown Butter is being poured into a small, clear mason jar.

How do I make Brown Butter?

This recipe couldn’t be easier, but it does take a little bit of concentration to get it just the way you want. 

Start first by cubing your butter, it’ll melts faster than if it were a solid block. 

Place a small pot over medium heat and add in your butter. Let it fully melt. Once melted, keep it going until the milk solids start to separate. You’ll see some bubbles and foam.

The milk solids are going to sink to the bottom of the pot and start to caramelise. Keep stiring until you’ve reached your preferred colour! 

A close up of butter being toasted in a small metal pot. They are using a wooden spoon.

What should my Brown Butter Look like?

That’s completely up to you! 

The longer (or deeper) you brown your butter the nuttier it’s going to be. Think of it like toasting a slice of bread. The toasted charred notes become stronger the longer it’s toasted.  

Personally, I like a dark toast. It starts to take on really deep caramel and nutty notes. 

A close up of fairly dark brown butter in a small glass, clear mason jar.

Best tips on making Brown Butter.

There’s really only one tip I have for you, and it’s a simple one. 

Don’t take your eyes off it once it starts to toast. 

If you’ve heard me talking about toasting nuts, you know what I always say. Once you turn your head, it’ll burn.

As the butter melts, you can do your other cooking or cleaning tasks, but the second it separates and the milk solids start to sink, you want to be watching and stirring.

Remember, the pot is still hot and the butter will continue to toast even if you turn the heat off. Best tip is to pour it into a jar or bowl right as it’s done. 

A close up of a person holding a small dish of cubed butter.

Great Recipes to use it in!

Now that you’ve learned to make Brown Butter, here are some recipes you can use it in!

Pecan Chocolate Blondies

Pistachio Crusted Carrots

Brown Butter Vinaigrette

Brown Butter

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Brown Butter being toasted in a small pot.


  • 1 cup Butter Cubed


  • Into a pot, add 1 cup of cubed butter.
  • Heat on medium until melted. Once it's melted, keep stirring until the milk solids separate and start to toast. Once brown and nutty, remove from heat and allow to cool. The deeper the colour the deeper the toasted nutty flavours.
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