Building your own vegetable garden can be incredibly satisfying and so much fun to do. Beyond being a great hobby, you can begin to supply your kitchen with fresh, delicious, seasonal vegetables. Nothing quite like a salad made entirely from fresh produce you just picked from your yard!

While I am no professional gardener I have done a pile of research and have a couple solid gardening seasons under my belt. From everything I have read your best bet for a productive garden, especially as a beginner, is using a raised garden bed. Raised beds give you control over the health of the soil in which you are growing your plants. A raised garden bed is simply a pile of soil or a contained bed of soil above the ground. The goal is to create a deep, wide growing area that encourages plant roots to grow down and outward.

Supplies you are going to need

-3 Lumber pieces 2X10X8

-3 Lumber pieces 5/4X6X10

-1 Lumber piece 2X4X8

– Wood Screws


-Drill and drill bits

-Measuring tape & Angled squares

-Circular saw or hand saw

How to build your raised veggie garden bed

  1. Collect all three 2X10X8. Cut one of the 2X10X8 directly down the middle. Now you have two 8 foot lengths for the sides and two 4 foot lengths for the ends.
  2. Using your drill bit, drill holes into the ends of the 8 foot lengths. This is done so you don’t split the wood when screwing the boards together.
  3. Once holes are drilled, grab your wood screws and fasten the 8 foot lengths to the 4 for lengths to create a rectangle. If you want to keep things basic this is all you need to do. Line the bottom with landscaping fabric or cardboard and fill up with soil.
  4. If making the picture frame boarder around your raised beds, cut your 2X4X8 into 8 pieces. Fasten the pieces around the inside of the of the rectangle. These are simply support boards that the boarder can rest on.
  5. Last step, Collect all three of the 5/4X6X10’s and cut one of them into half. Using your speed angle cut 45 degree corners so that the angles fit together in the corner. Fasten the frames to the rest of the raised bed. That’s it!!
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