I love baking cookies because I can get creative with the flavours and ingredients I put into them! Cookies can be made as a sweet treat or even as a savoury but healthy morning snack. Today I am sharing with you some of my favourite cookies I’ve made throughout the years and hope you enjoy them as my family and I do as well! 

Molasses Sugar Cookies

These cookies are soft, sweet, and chewy and have an unmistakable molasses flavour! These cookies bring back so many memories from my childhood. I am happy to share this recipe with you all! There’s nothing too complicated with this recipe, so give them a try today! 

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Stuffed Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies

Peanut butter and jelly are an all-time favourite flavour combination! This sweet and salty combo makes these cookies chewy, peanut buttery, soft, and maybe even perfect! These stuffed cookies will give you that gooey centre you will love! 

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Mini Egg Oatmeal Cookies 

These cookies have a fantastic flavour and texture with the mini eggs and oatmeal. The mini eggs add a wonderful crunch and smooth texture from the candy and chocolate of the eggs. Give these cookies a try today! 

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Sprinkle Cookies

These sprinkled sugar cookies are soft, buttery, and chewy. These cookies are easy to make and come together in only 30 minutes! Give these cookies a try, and everyone will love them! 

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Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 

These are the chocolate cookies you will need to cure that chocolate craving! They are ooey, gooey, and oh so chocolatey. This is definitely a cookie recipe you will want for the books! 

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Morning Power Cookies

These cookies are delicious, healthy, and nutrient-dense to help you start your mornings! These family-friendly cookies can be easily stored in the freezer to last the entire week. Give these morning cookies a try.  

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Peanut Butter Cookies

Anyone who is a peanut butter fan like myself will love these cookies! They have the perfect chewy texture and are made with ingredients you may very well have in your pantry! 

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Give these cookies a bake, and let me know how they taste!

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