These Sour Jello Grapes are fun to say the least. I’ve been seeing them all over the internet and finally decided to give them a try. If you have kids and want to make a fun, healthy version of sour patch kids, this is going to be for you!

A close up shot of frozen Sour Jello Grapes

Choosing your grapes.

We all know how buying grapes can be. You grab a bag, take it home only to find the majority are either mushy or covered in mould. 

For a recipe like this, we want the grapes to be as crunchy, juicy and as fresh as possible. Make sure you’re getting decent sized grapes too. The larger the grape, the more powder it’ll hold! 

If you buy around 1 lbs of grapes, 3 regular packs of jello (3 colours) should be enough to fully cover them.

A close up shot of frozen Sour Jello Grapes

What type of grapes should I buy?

It may sound silly, but there are a weird amount of grapes to buy, or at least at my grocery store. 

For a recipe like this, here we want to emulate the sour, citric flavour of a sour patch kid, we want a grape with as much acidity as possible. 

We used red graped, but you could even kick it up a notch and buy green grapes. 

I always find green grapes to be more acidic and tart, which I think would make this much better. The red colour is also very pleasing, so who knows, maybe you should buy both and see what you like the best! 

Do I need to use fresh lime juice?

Absolutely. Fresh squeezed lime juice is just so much better than those little green plastic bottles of lime you can get at the store. 

Fresh lime juice is a bit sweeter and acidic and less tart. If you used one of those pre squeezed packs of lime, I feel like it would be way too tart. 

To get the most out of your limes, roll them under your hand on the counter. This breaks up the pulp and lets you get more juice per lime. 

You’d be surprised how much extra juice you can get when you do that little trick. 

What other citrus can I use?

Different types of citrus have different levels of acidity. That’s why we drink orange juice and not pure lime juice. 

We want as much acidity as possible, so using orange or grapefruit juice might not be the best call. 

I think lemon or lime is going to give you the best tasting snack!

A close up of Andy coating a grape in glue Jello powder. A close up shot of frozen Sour Jello Grapes.

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Sour Jello Grapes 

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Sour Jello Grapes 


  • 1 lbs Grapes we used red
  • 3 packs Jello red, blue and green
  • 2-3 Limes juiced


  • Juice 2-3 limes and place in a small bowl or ramekin.
  • Cut open each pack of jello powder and place each into a small bow.
  • Wash your grapes and remove them from the stem.
  • With a toothpick, pick up each grape and dip it into the lime juice. Let it soak up as much lime as possible. With a small spoon hold the grape over the jello powder bowl and dust it with powder. We want to cover the entire grape.
  • Remove the grape from the tooth pick and place on a parchment lined sheet tray. Coat all of your grapes. Freeze for 3-4 hours or until solid.
  • Enjoy frozen.
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