Cottage cheese is having a major moment, and frankly I am here for it. I really find cottage cheese to be an amazing ingredient that due to it’s relative lack in flavour, and incredibly versatile! It’s an amazing ingredient for my recipes as it packs a huge protein punch and can be used in baking, breakfasts, breads, and much more! In this blog I will show you my top 5 cottage cheese recipes and I can’t wait for you to try them!

diy starbucks egg bites made with cottage cheese

Best Cottage cheese recipes

I always have cottage cheese on hand as it’s one of the most versatile ingredients to cook with. The best cottage cheese recipes, in my opinion, use it as a supporting cast rather than a star. The texture can be tough for some people so I like to blend the cheese until smooth and then use it in a number of different dishes. Below are my top 5 favorite cottage cheese recipes.

cottage cheese bread

Top 5 cottage cheese recipes

  1. DIY Starbucks egg bites
  2. Cottage cheese cookie dough
  3. Cottage cheese bread
  4. Cottage cheese flat bread
  5. Cottage cheese cookie dough bark

DIY Starbucks Egg bites using cottage cheese

I love this recipe and 1000’s of others do too! If you are a fan of Starbucks, I am sure you have tried their egg bites. I used to love these too until I learned how to make them at home. Using just 3 ingredients, one of which is cottage cheese, you can make these amazing DIY version of their egg bites. Check out my blog for step by step instructions how you can make these at home!

A close up shot of Cottage Cheese Cookie Dough.

I get asked sometime which is my favourite protein recipe from my website and, invariably, it is this cottage cheese cookie dough. As the kids say, it slaps and is a must make. If you are a late night snacker this is an amazing thing to have in your fridge as it satisfies a sweet tooth like nothing else I have made! Check out the recipe here!

Cottage cheese Bread

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. This homemade cottage cheese bread is outrageously delicious and might just be the best sandwich bread I have ever had. Easy to make, without any cottage cheese texture or flavor, everyone will love this recipe. Check the recipe out here!

cottage cheese flat bread

Cottage cheese flatbread

This recipe took the internet by storm for good reason! This wrap is perfect for lunches and packs around 40+ grams of protein per wrap! Like are you kidding me!? The best part is it only uses 2 main ingredients plus seasoning. Give this recipe a try for sure!

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I had been seeing cookie dough barks go viral online so I had to try it using my cottage cheese cookie dough recipes and wow it’s amazing. I like to make these recipe, chop it up and store it in the fridge for when my sweet tooth says hello. Chocolatey, satisfying, and shockingly low in sugar. Sneak some protein into that late night snacking with this recipe!

So those are my top 5 favorite cottage cheese recipes from my website! We have lots more so feel free to check out the blog to find your favorite!

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